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We will help the poor and needy in disadvantaged areas of the globe. We can choose to donate local institutions or aid groups of the community's choice, in order to supply with food, water, education, medicine, medical facilities, etc.
We will also conduct Charity Events and Gift Giving Activities especially to Childrens and Grade School Students.
However our main intention is to help educate the local population, so we can build a useful foundation instead of just providing temporary aid.
By joining GOLDY COIN, every investor helps to create a truly independent charity organization, that will continue to try and improve global environmental issues.
So thanks to the GOLDY COIN community we will be able to build, maintain and improve our projects on a self-sustained basis.

In the meantime, you, like all investors, will generate your own personal income from day one.

The MSM Moore foundation (MSMMF) is a nonprofit, independent professional association that represents a diverse membership of nearly 400 health education professionals and students in 32 towns.

MSMMF members work in schools, universities, voluntary organizations, health care settings, worksites, and in local, state and federal government agencies.